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More than a year and a half ago, I dove headfirst into the White Laces universe by snagging their eponymous EP at Deep Groove Records, and I’ve been exploring the vast, dream-like spaces they create ever since. I wrote then that hearing them for the first time was like “like stepping on a live power line,” and the resulting delirium has yet to wear off, especially because the months since have seen them release new songs, new vinyl, new videos, and a fantastic debut full-length in MOVES. The rich sonic landscape they’ve carved out expanded even further last week, when Stereogum premiered the video for MOVES track “Heavy Nights” — a clip which offers a dark and winding take on the Wonderland trope that will irreversibly alter the degree of comfort you feel when looking at tea and fruit-topped cookies. To celebrate this new addition to the White Laces universe, I caught up with frontman Landis Wine via email about the video’s genesis and the band’s plans for the near future.

You Hear That: “Heavy Nights” has such a great narrative feel to it, both lyrically and musically. Was that what made you decide to give it the video treatment?

Landis Wine: “Heavy Nights” was actually one of the first songs that we wrote and recorded for MOVES. After the record was finished we talked quite a bit about which songs we should do videos for and “Heavy Nights” was one of the few that everyone could agree on. It was the song that seemed to make the most sense as a narrative-style video.

YHT: How did the concept take shape? Did you have the rabbit-hole/Wonderland theme in mind all along?

LW: The concept was all courtesy of Lurid Pictures. They spent a while with the track and sent us a treatment/script for the whole thing. We pretty much kept our distance and let them take the reigns. Part of the fun of making these videos is the chance to work with people who have a really specific vision and letting them use the song as raw materials.

YHT: Where was the video filmed, and who plays the bewildered protagonist?

LW: The video was filmed in and around Harrisonburg, VA. The protagonist is played by Wade Vanover (who’s also half of Lurid Pictures), who I must say did an excellent job of appearing appropriately intoxicated throughout the whole video.

YHT: What made you decide to team up with the folks at Lurid Pictures?

LW: We’d heard about Lurid Pictures through our friends in Harrisonburg, and they had also directed a really fantastic video for “Wonder” by Eternal Summers earlier this year. We wanted to work with someone local who we knew would be able to produce something that looked great, so I sent them an email to get things rolling and here we are!

YHT: Are there plans to do other videos from this album? Are you planning on releasing any singles that would give me an excuse to buy more White Laces vinyl?

LW: We’re considering doing one more from the album, but we’re not sure when that’s going to happen. We’ve already written a few new songs since the album was completed in June, so there’s a possibility of some new vinyl in the new year. We’ve had four releases out this year alone, including the LP, so we’re going to take our time out on the road for a bit and hopefully return with a new EP in the Spring.

Check out the video above, listen to the song below and click here to buy MOVES.

White Laces — “Heavy Nights” [Spotify/iTunes]

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